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Beside being a wedding photographer in Aruba, taking pictures of Aruba’s nature has always been Mey’s hobby and has brought a lot of peace to her. Selling her Aruba art prints has been a dream for a long time. Always having an eye for details, during her hikes, she now is offering some of her collection she captured during the years. Being an artist raised on the island of Aruba has allowed her to capture these frames in an artistic and creative way. Her goal is to bring to you that relaxing and laid back feeling Aruba brings in each of us into your home or business.

Aruba photographer
Mey Severino -Wong


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spring’20 collection
Aruba art prints
Aruba art print
Aruba art prints
Aruba art prints
Aruba art prints
Aruba Art Prints
Aruba Art Print
Aruba art print
Aruba art prints
our prints are

Exclusively picked for you

With an eye for the simple details on this so called paradise island, I am proud to bring to you unique art prints to hang in your home away from home, and bringing to you the serenity Aruba brings into each of us. 
Our goal is to soon expand our products to offer you a greater variety of our Exclusive Aruba Art Collections.

Shipping and payments:

  • We work with the best printing Labs in the United States and all orders will be shipped directly to your home.

  • Secured payments methods through PayPal or PayPal Credit. Payments through local Aruba banks or cash payments are accepted, contact us for bank information. 
  • Orders will be processed as soon as we receive payment. Orders made before 2pm EST time will be processed on the same day. Orders after 2pm EST within 24 hours.

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